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Please check the two areas of focus. For each, provide a specific description of the help you need. Submissions with vague requests like ‘Does it flow?’ or ‘Check the grammar’ will be returned. If you have difficulty being specific, please visit this website:
Thesis statement
Organization, which includes issues such as coherence, unity and transitions
Support or evidence
Introduction or conclusion
Paragraph structure, including topic sentences, unity, organization and support
Sentence issues, including grammar, word choice, and punctuation. You must be specific. A specific request might look like this: “Have I used _____ correctly?”
Tone, voice, and other stylistic choices
APA/MLA formatting, references/works cited or in-text citation.
For (NUR) students only:
In addition to the items above, please choose and provide details for one of the following areas. Refer to your assignment sheet and rubric to guide your requests.
Evidence-based practice writing assignment requirements.
APA formatting, references or in-text citation.
PLEASE NOTE: Projects are reviewed in the order they are received and will be returned within two business days. Follow-up questions will require resubmission or an in-person appointment.You may submit no more than 10 pages for review, as tutors' time is limited. If your project is longer, indicate which 10 pages you'd like reviewed.

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